Born out of an adventure,
for the discerning.

A labour of love

Rahul Upmanyu is the founder and visionary behind Alps Resort, a luxury destination for travellers who seek adventure, wellness and nature. Rahul has always been passionate about exploring the world and creating memorable experiences for himself and others. He started Alps Resort in 2018 with the aim of offering a unique and personalized service to guests who want to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the Himalayas.

The Inspiration

Rahul has a background in hospitality management and marketing, and has worked with some of the leading hotel chains in India and abroad. He is also an avid skier, hiker and yoga enthusiast, and loves to share his knowledge and skills with the guests of Alps Resort. Rahul believes that travel is not just a way of escaping the routine, but a way of enriching one’s life with new perspectives, connections and insights.

Rendezvous with the rugged and rustic nature